08/25/2016 Thursday
Past A&Mreservoir - Rawlins
Today was a real off-day! 
I’m getting more and more into gas extraction territory and to make things even worse they are working on a lot of roads here with a lot of heavy machinery. That means they go over the road with a big scraper first.  Here big means really big. After that they press it with a big roller and then they take a tanker and spray some sort of stuff (gravel, sand and dust) over the road to make it harder and less dusty. My bike and I were quickly covered with that stuff, and it dries and becomes very hard to get of your bike. 
Luckily there are still some nice people who gave me a ride a couple of times. But meanwhile I can’t drive the route and got out of the right direction quite a bit. Also my GPS decided to quit working. Eventually I have to take the highway to Rawlings for a great while, to get back in the right direction. Bad luck, I would have l liked this day to go differently, but I can’t do anything about that. On top of everything it also starts to rain when I got to Rawlings. So i'm exhausted and freezing when I arrive there.
Rawlings doesn’t seem very friendly as a town, but luckily I find a little old motel and a manageress who is just as old (93) and that makes it nice nonetheless. On the other side of the road there is a Chinese restaurant which offers a fine $10,95 “all you can eat” buffet. Well he could close for the night after I ate there!
Good night! 

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