09/08/2016 Thursday
Del Norte – Stunner Campground
The Big Day! Like today is being called in the route book.  The ascent of the Indiana Pass, climbing for 24 mile to a height of 11.910 Foot. The highest Pass of the entire route. I did dread it for a little bit, also because you have to carry food and drinks for four days. That means you have to carry a lot of extra weight. But well, I’ve had a rest day in Del Norte and had a big pancake breakfast before the big day. That would give me energy for a while. We (Chris and his companions and Marga & Jos) started around the same time (around 09.00 o’clock) whit the climb. The first part was asphalt after that gravel. After a few miles it seems they are covering the road with a new layer of tar.  That stuff sticks to your tires and your bike like crazy! With a big clean up party as a result. Meanwhile climbing up went very well. I persisted in my own pace. Not very fast, but peddling for hours at a speed that was ok for me. Eventually I arrived at the top just after noon. Marga & Jos where there already and Chris arrived a little while later. Partly because of the weather and the absence of wind this climb went way better then expected. I’ve had worse days. After that I had to go quite a bit further to the next camping spot, so at the end of the day I arrived, with sore knees but feeling satisfied, at the Stunner campground. 

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