Hi, my name is Koen Frantzen.
I was fortunate to grow up in a rural area with forests, meadows and wetlands, in The Netherlands. Since that time, roughly 50 years ago now, I’ve developed an interest in Nature.

When I was about 20 years old, I was introduced to the wonderful world of photography, by my (later to be) father in law.
During the first period (close to 3 decades) photography was all about rolls of film and chemicals. Waiting impatiently for the exposed films to get back from the laboratory developed, to be able to see what you had shot.
Nowadays of course everything is digital. No more waiting for the results, instantly it is clear if you did a good job or not. No more worries about not taking to many pictures, because of the cost of films used and getting them developed. Instead of spending hours framing your slide film, you are now spending hours behind the computer to do your selecting and post processing.
What has not changed fortunately, is the fact that you still have to go out there to get what you want. That is the beauty of this combination of interests, Nature and nature photography, you have to be out here!
I hope you will like my pictures, I sure had a great time getting them.

Thanks for stopping by,

Koen Frantzen
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